Friday, 26 October 2012

[How-To] Install a .deb file

[How-To] Install a .deb file , installing in .deb file , how to install a .deb file

Well, I have known a lot of sources to install a .deb file. But I'll tell one by one as I have known and tested. This post is from . I'm one of the iPhone user. However, I'm not an expert user. I cannot translate in Burmese because of lack of my language. No one cannot be easily understo if I translate into Burmese.

[1] Download the .deb file you want (example : LockInfo)
[2] Start Cydia, go to "Search", type "Mobile Terminal" and install it

[3] Repeat step 2 for "OpenSSH" 

[4] Start "MobileTerminal" 

[5] Type the following commands :
  • su  (press return)
  • alpine  (press return)  /!\ You won't see the typed password then don't worry /!\
  • dpkg -i nameofpackage.deb  (press return, replace nameofpackage with LockInfo for the example)
Note that you can rename the .deb file like 1.deb (it's easier to type)


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